Satellite tag on Puget Sound orca yielding exciting winter migration data, researchers say   


"Federal biologists tracking a 22-year-old whale, known as L-87, say he and others have moved moving extensively through the Salish Sea, circling an island in the northern Strait of Georgia and making appearances in Puget Sound and the central Strait of Juan de Fuca."

"The satellite-linked tag on a whale on L-87 shows he has been covering about 75 to 100 miles a day since the device was attached on Dec. 26.”


via Spyhopper Travels Photography:

So it may not have been a gorgeous sun-shiney day here in the Salish Sea, but the orcas did not disappoint! It was like whale popcorn out there this afternoon and we perhaps saw over 50 breaches! I hope the orcas are well-fed and that’s why they are taking the time to have some fun. This is K26 Lobo doing a pretty good belly flop!

Photography ©Katie Jones, all rights reserved.


Big brother Blackberry teaches little brother Mako how to do a pec slap



Blackberry breaches in front of lucky whale watchers.



Racer (L72) for kamairuka!

**The fourth picture is Nigel (L95), Racer’s younger brother. The fifth picture is racer with Shachi (J19).


Today’s Theme: Whale Popcorn

Here is Marina (L47) showing us just how to belly flop. 


L95 Nigel and a pacific white sided dolphin. The dolphin was following him around for awhile, swimming right next to him. Credits Capt. Jim Maya, July 17, 2014. Thanks to the OrcaNetwork.


I'd be really neat if you could post pictures of deceased SRKW and maybe bios about them, if in the info is available? :)

We already post pictures of deceased SRKWs! Click the ‘deceased’ link in our sidebar to see the directory for those posts. 

We also will eventually be doing bios, hopefully soon. There’s a waiting list of two right now (see those by clicking the ‘profiles’ link in our sidebar), and you may of course request a whale you’d like a biography written for. Any whale you like! The info is certainly there. :)